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Hot Shots Golf 3

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Should I get this..wait for Tigerwoods 2003 or r both of these golf titles even worth paying $40-$50 for?

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Definitely purchase this one. It uses a graphics engine to show off PS2's capabilities pretty well. Its a fun game and well worth your time. Its not as realistic in terms of game physics as Tiger Woods golf, but its still well executed and enjoyable unlike Swing Away Golf which I would have to say is a turd on the foot. You basically have a lot of stuff you can unlock like characters each with his or her own strengths and abilities like some are big hitters but suck in trap shots, while others have great spin, but can't tee worth a penny. This can be augmented with the choices of clubs and balls with different strengths.
I'm just hitting one part of the game. So as you can see its well worth your time. Basically, the game has tournament mode, vs mode, training, 9 hole, stroke, etc... 2 many 2 list. I hear you can win some cash if you hook up your PS2 online with this game if your score is well within Tiger Woods' score card.
As far as EA's Tiger Woods 2003 I haven't gotten the chance to play those EA titles yet, but they seem to be pretty realistic from some of the research I've done. I hear for 2002 and I assume for 2003 the controls are not like the usual hitting the button 3 times
for the stroke, but with the use of the analog stick. So basically, its like the Golden Tee game for the arcade where you pull the stick back and let go and watch your ball fly to hole #9.
I hear 2003 is more realistic and has more modes of play which I can say equates to more fun!
I guess its worth getting Tiger Woods 2002 at least for now at least if I was in your shoes. I like the use of the analog stick idea.
If you like Golf then any of the Tiger Woods games would be a good buy along with Hot Shots Golf 3. If your're not sure what to get try renting both and make the comparison. I'm pretty sure you won't be dissapointed by either of the Tiger Woods titles or Hot Shots Golf 3.
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Yeah, my friend has been raving about this game and he's been tellin' me to check it out. Have any of you tried Swing Away Golf. That golf game is pretty good too.
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