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houston peeps beware....

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Houstonians... I warn you not to go to john eagle honda... that is in Houston, TX.

I took my car there because I had someone break into my car and steal everything and they were going to repair the damages for me. Well, they have the vehicle and the car is sitting in their parking lot. Well not but 4 days later, my car is STOLEN from john eagle honda. I went to check out the damage and guess what.... they no longer have the keys to the car. So either they left the keys in the car for someone to steal, or someone from the dealership stole the car. I got the car back all smashed, the car is totalled... and now john eagle is refusing to claim responsibilities for the actions that took place at their dealership. Now, my insurance is taking action and will be in the future as well, the car is still in my possession and is sitting at the dealership. I am just warning you to watch out when you take your vehicles there. I took in a very nice very expensive car and it came out complete trash. here is a link to where you can see the damage done to the vehicle. I am officially retiring from the import scene =( but I will still be an active member on the honda boards.
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Ouch!!! Sorry to hear about your incident man. Just let your insurance company and your lawyer to take care of the stupid dealership.
Are you posting this threads in everywhere? isn't it just because you're pissed off with them as hell?

It's good to give the info out to houston peeps. But i don't realized that you're pissed off with them by posting it everywhere on this sho.

I hope you'll get everything back what they owe you
You should post it here if you havn't, to get the word out.
John Eagle also owns a Acura dealership, you should sue them for a new 6 speed CL-S. I would, good luck with everything
Hmm wernt u the one that had a JDM engine with a custom twin turbo, along with Mugen Exhaust and a HID kit, full race suspension, and all that audio equipent.???:D :D

Those things seemd to have slipped your mind:D Go tell the Insurance company ;)

Well i had something like that happen to me at my dealership. (but no where as bad as u)

They left all my windows INCLUDING my sunroof open in the rain/snow/ice in November.

We complained and complained so they detailed my entire car. and gave me lifetime warrenty on the electrical parts of the doors and the seat from cracking and rotting.

And i also had a accident where this kid in a pick up truck going street racing rammed into my back and sandwhiced me.

I had to claim for a slightly damaged exhaust, new fog lights, new bumper, new license plate cover, dents, scratches. and frame damage.


But I still only got 984.72 dollars. and now my back bumper is cracking and paint will be chipping off soon. So maybe its time for a BW I kit.
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i always go to john eagle for all my service work since they dont care about mods. Ive never had a problem with them. sorry bout your problems.
eCho said:
i always go to john eagle for all my service work since they dont care about mods. Ive never had a problem with them. sorry bout your problems.
so if i take my stuff there and i have mods..they wont care..and they'll work on it UNDER WARRANTY??????

i have springs..and am not worried bout any engine shit if its messed up..i'd prolly take it to goodson on 45and 1960 but if they start bitching i'll take it to jon they'll work on it under waranty with mods??
hell yea they dont care about mods. They have a performance shop and are pretty cool. A always see fixed up cars there cause JOhn Egale is cool like that. also they sell supercharged cars , and do installs. I might go to them to do my pully install.
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