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I'd look for something from CatCo. I got one for my Toyota at Summit Racing and they have web catalog. Here's a tip-- if you see a cat referred to as a "universal", you just need to take your car to an exhaust shop and have them cut the flanges off your stock cat and weld them on the replacement.

You may get flames regarding CatCo being no good b/c it's not $250 like a Random Technology unit. "It'll rust out in a year" and "It doesn't flow well". I'll add my 2 cents up front. I passed emissions (like the car wasn't even running) on a shiny 4-yr-old CatCo on my way to putting down 294 rear wheel horsepower with a turbo 3-liter car. Maybe I just got "lucky". -scott
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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