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How do i hook up the remote wire for 2 amps?

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I just installed an additional amp to my car, but i was wondering about the remote turn on wire... Right now i have the remote wire comming from my head unit to my first amp, then a second wire going from that amp to my second amp. Everythign works fine and all, i was just wondering if this was the only way to do it? I'm noticing some alternator whine, and i think it maybe comming from this damn wire.

Any help is appreciated,
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thats fine the way u did it
i usually t-tap it or something, but your alternator wine isnt form there..but if u want to be for sure disconnect it and see if the wine is still threre
my guess is you always had the alternator interference, you just never noticed it b/c you had amped subs only... not speakers... i'd suggest running your power cables down one side of the car and your rca's down the other... i spaced my rca's about 12" and ran them down the center of the passenger side. power down the center of the driver side. i'd split your remote wire before you get to the amps if you want it to look better, but the way you have it wired is electrically correct.
If you have all your wires right, and the amps grounded to the same point and you still get alternator whine, then invest in a set of ground loop isolators. They worked wonders for me.
Yeah, thanks for the help.

I have my power and ground running down teh right side of the car, and my RCA and remote on the left side of the car. I think it might be that my remote is causing interference with my RCA wire... i'm going to rerun the wire on teh opposite side sometime this week and hope it'll fix the problem.

cryogen: i do have a ground loop isolator, but when i hook it up to my RCA's it causes my bass to be gone until i hook up the 2 ground wires on the ground loop But once i hook up the ground wires it causes even greater whine. I managed to hook up the grounds to the bare metal on the back of my headunit which worked but it does not work fully. I do have bass, but i still get a little bit of whine, maybe around 10-15% of the orignal whine which is alot better then before.
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heres something that i read today, i dont agree with it though, but according to PPI, if your amp is over 300 watts then run your ground from the amp to the battery also and that might eliminate noise
Some Tips

What kind of RCA cables do you have. Are they cheap ones, mid line or top of the line.

I have always found that ground loop noise is caused either by noise being injected into the RCA cables because the shielding on the RCA's is either very poor, or non existant.
The second cause can be your ground points. You should not run your ground wire back to the battery, just ground it to the frame. If you have multiple amplifiers, ground them to the same point on the frame. Check your ground point from your head unit. Try moving it to a frame point in the dash to ground to.

Your remote turn on wire is not a likely suspect.

Try changing your RCA's and let me know what happens.

(p.s. I have two 4GA power wires and 2 pairs of RCA's wire tied together down the passenger side of my car. If you buy good RCA's you should be set.)

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