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how do i make my ac as cold as it did before my turbo was installed??

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since i put in my rev hard stage two turbo kit.. my ac is not as cold as it used to be how can i fix this please let me know thanks
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you might need to recharge it, you can get a kit for 25-30 bucks at a walmart or kmart... also check out pep boys or some store like that...
i did recharge

i did recharge it at kmart thru penske but it still doesnt run cool it will at first but when i am stopped it it pushs out air not cold air just reg. air not hot but not cold like it used to be
A/C not cooling

If you installed an inter-cooler, it maybe restricting the air flow through your condensor. It too needs to be cooled down for your A/C to work properly ... You can either take off the intercooler, or mount it in a different location, or put a hellasious fan behind the condensor for greater air flow.
You just need some better fans.. A few customers put a rev hard kit on their cars and along with the kits they purchased some FAL fans which keeps the car cooler and not only that but it increased the AC CFM which made it really colder then before the fans and turbo was installed......
i took my car to inlinepro in va and they put aftermarket fans in but i dont know if they are FAL how can i find out....thanks
what type should i get dont i need a slim one cauase of the intercooler and everything which ones would you recommend
how easy is it to is there a specific one i would need for or just tell them i have a turbo in it alreday
tell them the car and model.. your intercooler has nothign do do with the fans... these fans replace your stock radiator fans... your intercooler is on the other side of the radiator.. good luck..
thanks jdm
no prob... try checking for some better prices on these fans.. and also isnt bad either.. good luck..
Chances are that your problems have little to do with air flow resrictions to your condenser. Historically, most aftermarket turbo kits place the turbo's turbine, which can reach 1500 degrees F, right next to the a/c system (compressor) on our Honda motors.

If you don't have one, or if the one you have is inadequate, I would recommend upgrading or desiging a new heat shield that will block the radiant and convective heat from reaching your sensitive A/C components.

Wow, my first post. Why are you using your a/c anyhow? It's freakin' cold here in Austin, TX right now! Any of you guys with turbo Integra setups in Austin? I really haven't found anybody to shoot the stuff with around here, but it would be nice...

a week after signal installed my turbo, my ac went out, turns out the steel clamp around the turbo and piping had a piece of metal sticking out and it slowly ate away at the rubber tubing(i'm an idiot, what's it called?). so now a/c works 1/10 times., and what a great time to stop working, santa barbara has been hot as hell lately. so many problems, about as many as it would have had if i installed it myself. bah!
personally i have my air setting on heat all the time.. when you race its not a good idea to have the ac on.. as a matter of fact i dont use my ac at all....good luck...
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