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how hard is to put 90 ls seats""

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i been loocking for si seats but i couldnt find them

i saw a 90 integra LS seats 150 both front seats also

92-95 front seats they are ligther that itr seats
also 150

should i buy 90 intega seats or 92 civ

how hard is to fit 92civ seats in to a 90 hatch
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To put the 90 ls seats in your crx or hatch you are going to have to do some extensive mods to the bottom of the seats. It is not hard just agrivating becaue you have to make a hybrid seat rail in order to mount them in a stock location. (At least on my 88 i had to)

I think jdmB18hatch had a website on this at one time. However i can not find it so i will give you a baisic run down of what you have to do.

When you have the seats out of the car turn them both over to look at the bottom. When you have the seats turned over you will notice a big difference from the ls to the hatch seats in the right seat rail for the passenger side seat. So in order to make the ls seat mount in the Hatch you need to swap out the rail. The rail will not mount right up to the stock LS rail mounts but there should be some holes where you can mount it with a nut and bolt. Once you have done that test fit the seat in the hatch. There should be a small gap between the back right rail hole on the passenger side. Dont worry about that and just use some spacers to fill it up. Once you do that go ahead and mount the seat down the rest of the way.

Since you will be swapping rails you might have some trouble with the cosmetic plastic that fits on the outside of the seat where the adjustment lever is. Some creativity in mounting that plastic to the hatch rail will be needed.

When the seat is in the car test it out by sitting in it and running through the adjustments. Then by looking at the seat from the front of the car. If it looks crooked then use more/less spacers in the back mount hole.

I dont know about the 92-95 seats.

Maybe if jdmB18hatch sees this he will give you that website.
Hope this helps.
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i got del sol seats in mine, look in the crx perf i think. they have a write up. probably fairly similar atleast.

Yeah, get the Del Sol seats, they are the lightest of all the seats.
do you have any web site that has how to fit em
mah homie has the whole integra interior for sale for that year integra.....front and back seats...he needs to get rid of make me an offer......
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