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Just curious to see how many others are out there. Also, what are your setups? Post pics if you can please. Mine is strictly stock, except for the cd player and speakers. :p One of these days I'll have the money to play around with it! I want to know what other people have done with their 3rd gen. I don't want to do any serious performance mods. Not trying to build a racer. Looking more for appearance mods actually, but nothing too ricey.
My 91 Si...

First off, I want to put a spoiler on it. Most likely OEM.
Then lower it. Not trying to plow the nNY snow though!
I want to get clear side markers, but they have to be custom made or do it yourself. If anyone could hook me up, I'd appreciate it. :)

What are some not too expensive ways to boost my hp?
Thanks ahead of time! :)

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do a search on 3gen prelude threads...

there's a couple

i have an 89 si

rebuilt bottom end

ported/polished head and intake manifold
head milled 30 thousandths to raise comp to 9.5:1
custom intake
dc header (awesome)
custom exhaust (getting replaced with test pipe, new 2.25 tubing and a titanium muffler that's tunable, made for me
eibach springs with tokico blues (rides great)
16in rims with sumitomo htr z's handle awesome

any questions, let me know

check too... tom is a genius of the 3gen

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friend of my sister has one,bought it for 8 grand imported from japan,dont know the specs on it,just know it has cloth interior,right hand drive,its an automatic,and the header is a 4-2 design,and the exhaust piping is also 2 pipes all the way down to the tips
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