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wacivic said:
i was wondering how bhp do the europe's 94 honda civic LSI has a 1.5 engine and it is hb. as much info would be helpful?

Displacement (cc) 1493cc
Max Power ([email protected]) 114 @ 6500

Max Speed (mph) 117mph
Acceleration (0-62 mph) 10.4secs

Overall Width 1695mm
Overall Length 4190mm
Gross Vehicle Weight 1500kg
Max Towing Weight 800kg

Fuel Consumption
Urban 35mpg
Extra Urban 51.5mpg
Combined 43.5mpg

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In Belgium it has 90 hp and does not have vtec, I think it's the same for the other european countries.
The only models (from 1992 until 1994) that have vtec are the 125 hp esi and the 160 hp vti.
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