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how much boost????

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I am trying to get everything planned out for my car right now, so my question is, if i am running a b18 and i upgrade the internals, what can i run saftly for boost if i have a drag turbo.
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12-15 psi (safely - of course u can go beyond that) thats my geuss - post it in the turbo fourm - u'll get more responses.
12~15psi is a quite a bit of boost. Its definantly do-able, but it really depends what all you do when you upgrade the internals. Along with internals you will need spark/fuel/ECU upgrades.
engine management , thats the most important thing, up to 1bar little internal would be needed with the right tuning :)
let me add to my first post....i will upgrade the internals, and fuel and everything else, but what do you mean by engine management????
engine management is to tune your engine so that it have the ideal air/fuel/spark :)
Never enuff boost is the correct answer

they mean reprogrammed ecu, haltech, hondat, fmu or som shit like that.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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