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hi , sorry for my bad english onece again, i'm in belgium and here no help possible; someone can help me about max revs i can reach?

i'm building my blok k20a2 (ep3)

here is my setup :

-rotrex C38-61
-cp pistons 86mm 11:1
-darton MID sleeves
-headgasket cometic
-brain crower connecting rods
-acl bearings
-brain crower (forced induction) stage 2
-brian crower valves and springs
-new stock type r oil pump
-hybrid racing chain tensionner

i read that my cams will produce [email protected] 9000trs min
can i set my k pro revs to 9000 without breaking riks or maybe 8900?

when i will know the max revs possible, i will customise my crank pulley to obtain the 90000tr min for the rotrex to rev with my rotrex pulley 100mm.

but i have to know the max revs for my engine to calculate it

thanks for your help guys:bye


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Max RPM is calculated on internal componets: rods and pistons. And beset by the engines stroke. The bigger the stroke the lower the max RPM.

Reguardless of how light the componets are compared to stock they have limits. This is usually expressed in meters per second OR feet per second.

There's a few different things that can affect the max RPM. If you have upgraded everything except the stock valvesprings then the stock rpm should still apply. This is even more serious in your case if you have installed a aftermarket cam that puts a higher workload on the stock valves and springs. This is just an example.

Mean piston speed

read that.

Realisticly a dyno will show you where you should cap your engines rpm. If the setup stops making power at 7800 rpm there is no reason to rev it to 9000.

Superchargers are more often made for higher tq in the low rpm range. You need to look at the superchargers compressor map to know if it will adequately flow the air needed in your application. Also keep in mind that your supercharger will have a max rpm.

See these sites: - look under superchargers and turbochargers. Good reading.

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rev 800 rpms past your peak power point.
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