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How much does a complete d16z6 motor weigh?

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Im planning to buy a d16z6 motor, with tranny, ecu, shift linkage, the works....And i was wondering how much all this might way. Im trying to get an idea of how much i might pay for shipping. Thanks a lot.
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Damn that was extremely hard to find your answer:

Man, it took me a hella lot of my time to find this answer, but I wanted to help because I had a question for you too!

Ok, I found your answer (finally) and I believe that the numbers are right. You can find the link here:

D16Z6 Engine Weight

Go to section 3.8 in the engine category and look closely. It's about 10-15 paragraphs down. If the link above doesn't work, try this one:

D16Z6 Engine Weight Section 3.8

If you don't want to look it up, then below is a copy of the specific text where it tells you the total weight of a D16Z6 Engine:

From: Jerome Soh ([email protected])
Subject: HP: Weight difference of complete B18B1 and D16Z6

For those of you interested, I weighed both engines (complete with tranny). The B18B1 is 40 lbs heavier. From info I have from TC Kline, the B18C1 (vtec) is 20 lbs heavier on top of that, mostly up high because of the vtec system. I've also got a complete run down of each individual component that can be taken off the engine (alternator, dist, starter, engine mounts, PS bracket, pressure plate, tranny alone, clutch, all sorts of crap). Someone remind me to post that some time this week. The tranny without pressure plate and clutch weighed 81 lbs.

Oh, the B18B1 weighed about 350 lbs total and the D16Z6 310 lbs (error is about +/- 5 lbs max).

I hope this helps... it was very hard to find...

Ok, now I will ask you a question:

I really want to make a fast SOHC D16Z6 Engine... I think it is a perfect engine for daily driving & Moderate (respectable) racing, plus if I screw anything up with the engine, it will only cost me an arm for a new one and I will be able to keep my leg. :D

Anyway, here's the question:

How much are you paying for your d16z6 engine? How much do you expect your total cost will be? And how many miles are on the engine you want? I am curious because I want to replace my current d16z6 engine (104,000 Miles) with that of a lower mileage engine... Any help is appreciated... I really want to know the cost so I can start my plans....
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Well im getting a good deal for a complete d16z6 motor for about 275 dollars and i have to pay for shipping and i might end up paying 500-700 alltogether if the weight on those sites are correct. The mileage on the motor that im getting is around 80,xxx miles. What i have found that is a good deal is that you should check around performance shops that do engine swaps. A lot of civics drop their d16z6 or d16y8 for b16's and b18's. Shops have them lying around everywhere and they are willing to sell cheap. Ive found a complete ex motor with like 20,000 miles because it was so new for about 1200. So ask around shops and people who swaped engines. Sorry if that didnt help much, but good luck and if you need anything just PM me. later.
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