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how much fo clutch install?

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ive been quoted 450 so far...what'd u pay?
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LudeAction said:
ive been quoted 450 so far...what'd u pay?
most places that i know will charge around 300 to remove and re-attach the transmission... they shouldn't charge you more than a hour's worth of labor to install the clutch and bleed the system on top of that... it's a pretty simple job...
That sounds about right...I paid around $1000 for clutch, flywheel, and labor...I could've just done it myself after I found out how easy it was though..I kinda lost out on that
If you live in nor cal call L4 Imports and tell them Mario sent you they will hook you up with any of the import needs swaps installs they do it all ask foe Anthony or Carlos the number is 530-822-7898 they are in Yuba City there prices can not be beat.
i got mine done for $600, but i got really hooked up with my clutch and flywheel combo.:D

but yeah $450 sounds about right
$450 is too much. I got my clutch installed and flywheel resurfaced for $300.:)
i paid 600 for a clutch, flywheel, replaced 3rd gear synchro set, and pulleys. thats just was worth every cent.
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