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How much is my car worth?

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1993 Prelude Si 119,000 miles, new tires and perfgect condition besides small door dings on rear 1/4 much do you think i can get for it?
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those sites will help you get an idea of value, and then check for preludes in your area to see what they are bringing.
fairly go to your local dealer ask them how much they would want to pay. can give you information how much you car cost? but it is not 100% sure. today my friend sold his car for $7800 but on it just show about $6800 ....
i think 7,500 if u sell it to a person not a dealer.
how about mine i have a 1994 vtec prelude blue/green, no accidents, v-afc, aem cai, rs*r magnum exhaust, neuspeed shortshifter, and thas about it
if you sell your car to dealer ... mods do not increase your car's value, the other hand it may decrease the value .. but for personal it depends
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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