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How much to ask for F**KED up B16 head?

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Hey all-I need you guys to help me out with this ASAP. I found out that some guy from my hometown wants to buy my JDM 1st gen B16 head from my first B16 that I blew up. It blew up due to over-revving (trans ground into 4th gear...missed shift @ 8k, and i had no revlimiter due to my Mugen chipped PR3 ecu). The head is in pretty bad shape. It has somewhere between 30k and 50k miles on it. The #4 cylinder combustion chamber is very looks like someone took a jackhammer to it. The #4 cylinder exhaust valves are missing, and all of the other valves on the other cylinders are being propped open by pieces of metal. The head DOESN'T include: intake manifold, distributor or the camshafts. I have everything else. What do you think would be a fair price to tell this guy? I haven't a clue..... $100 maybe? thanx in advance!
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