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How Much to Price mY 4-banger

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:D Cant wait to sell that car, I love it.. but I want a 5-speed and something a lil quicker (LOVE GSRS!).. What woudl you offer for this car?

94 Honda Accord EX 2 Door 115,000
The original owner kept all records (me too) only 2 owners
Factory everything, Nothing touched
Beautiful Condition (I detail cars, when it goes.. it goes perfect, well as close as I can get it).
Not leather
:rolleyes: Realistic Offers so I'll know what to price it

Hmm.. Great gas mileage, it looks good, and it outruns and outhandles half the world, wtf else do you need? imports rule!
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possibly 7000 if it is still a good car

6000, you can get rid of it anyday
paid 4000 for my 93 accord se but i gave a family member wut the dealer offered them on a trade-i think bluebook is around 6-7k with leather,bose audio and 140,000-check for your bluebook
This is an amazing car, I dont think I'll have trouble getting rid of it.. but I think I've decided to put it up for around 7,800 obo.. and see what people offer me.. umm.. 6 is way too low, the car is in beautiful condition
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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