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First thing I should mention is the relay. It is different from the Civic and Integra relays. They use five wires; we use seven. Why? Because we're cooler. :D Chances are your relay came with the wires cut. Take note of the colors. These match up to the ones on the plugs that were dangling on the door.

  1. Cut four long wires, and three short ones. You may want to measure your car out for this, so here's what's going on:
    The four long wires:
    • Two going from the passenger door to the the driver door
    • One from the passenger door to steering column
    • One from the passenger door to the center console
  2. The three short wires:
    • Two going from the relay on the passenger door to the mirror on the passenger door.
    • One going from the relay on the passenger door to a grounding point on the passenger door.
  3. Solder the new wires to the ones coming off the relay. Do this one at a time. Don't go soldering all seven at the same time. The black, blue/white, and red wires on the relay get the short wires; the remaining four gets the long ones (the blue/yellow one is the one that goes to the switch in the center console).

  4. If you took the time to take apart the connectors by the door, solder the wires from the connectors to the new wires. Blue/white to blue/white, red to red, etc. This is why you should do it one at a time.

  5. Use some electrical tape to tape up the soldered joints.

  6. Now is a good time to put the connectors back together too. Here is what they should look like and how they should match up:

    The picture shows you looking at the connector from the side the wires are going in, not the side where the connectors meet. If the color is white, I've marked it with a "W", otherwise, it's open. If you wired it correctly, the yellow on the driver side mirror should connect to the yellow/green on the driver side harness. The black on the driver side mirror should connect to the red/blue on the driver side harness. Get it?

  7. Mount the relay. There is a depression towards the front of the passenger door almost directly below the mirror. That is where the relay goes. There is a similar set up on the driver door, but with a different relay.

  8. Plug in the passenger mirror.

  9. There is a grounding point by the door speaker. The bolt is copper. Use that as your ground.

  10. Remove the speaker from the door panel. There are four screws holding it in.

  11. Run the remaining four wires down behind the panel into the area where you just took off the speaker.

  12. Notice that the door jam has a rubber thing that protects the wires as they run from the cabin to the door. That rubber thing is actually three separate pieces. Untape it to reveal the three pieces. Then pull on the angled pieces to free them from the door panel and the body.

  13. Put your hand in the speaker hole, and guide the wire to where you pulled the rubber thing off the door panel. Fish the entire length of the four wires through here first before continuing.

  14. Now run the wire through the angled rubber connector. Again, fish the entire length of the wire through first before proceeding. Do the same for the other two pieces.

  15. Before you put the wire in the hole on the body, reach around under the dash, and feel for a hole with your left hand. Put your right hand in the hole on the outside. Once you figured out what you're working with, feed the wire through. The passenger side is not difficult at all. Once you got the entire length of the wire into the cabin, secure those rubber parts back onto the door and body.

  16. Run the blue/yellow wire to the center console for the switch. We'll deal with this in the next section.

  17. Run the yellow/white wire to the ignition switch. Hook it up to the white wire for a constant 12 volt. If you're lazy, find 15A fuse for your foglights, and wire this white/yellow wire to the fuse.

  18. Now do the same you did for the driver door as you did the passenger door for the remaining two wires.

  19. Finally, plug those two wires into the connector, and attach the male and female connectors. You're almost there!
Installing the Switch
  1. Remove the back portion of the center console by taking out these screws:

    Don't forget the other side.

  2. Lift the console up from the rear. You'll see something like this now.

    Detach the green plug. You won't see this yet, but in the picture, notice the blue/yellow wire on the very right of the green plug. That is the wire coming from the relay. Pop the USDM switch out.

  3. Here's the USDM switch next to the JDM switch. Cool folding button. :D

  4. Pop the JDM switch in place.

  5. Run the blue/yellow wire from the relay into the outer most slot... like the picture above.

  6. Plug the green plug into the switch.

  7. At this point, you are done. Put the ignition in the second position, unless you wired the yellow/white wire to a 12 volt constant. Press the button to make sure the mirrors fold. You might also want to check the adjustment to make sure they're still okay... but they should be since all we did was move the original wiring into the JDM connectors.

  8. Follow some of the above instructions in reverse order to put your car back together.
The reassembled center console with the JDM switch.

Here's a video of mine in action... click here.

Theoretically, you can wire you car alarm to this so that it will send a 12 volt pulse to the trigger wire (the blue/yellow wire) so that the mirrors will fold on arm, and unfold on unarm. I haven't gotten around to that yet... because I'm still too lazy to do the 12 volt constant. :)

I don't see the photos anymore. Can you send them to me pls [email protected] Thanks!
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