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how to build a cheap reliable sturdy turbo kit?

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how should i go about doing this? i'm a poor college kid and i want a turbo bad. I do have some money but not much. i could build a kit using a junker turbo from a boneyard, a new intercooler and custom int piping etc etc. it would be nice to run low to moderate boost and have the option of upgrading to better things like a ball bearing turbo, good bov and shit when i get more money. Any suggestions you guys could throw out would be well appreciated.
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cheap reliable sturdy ey??? i'll take a term we use in the mountain bike world, "inexpensive, strong, light chose 2" ya understand what im sayin? a realible cheap turbo does not exsist just save for a new kit ;)
the best advice i can give you is do it right from the start so you dont end up replacing it when you find out its not what you expceted.. if your really broke like most college students and like me.. then you can start off with a compelete t3 kit you can sometimes get lucky and find on ... i dont recommend it but you can do that if your poor i guess.. good luck...
you can get a nice t-25 for a good price... they can give you up to 15 psi, just hot air after that, youll get full boost at 2500 rpms... its a cheap, cost effective alternative...
get a turbo off of an older thunderbird.....its similar in size to a t3super60 turbo, and go with a starion intercooler.
just goto and look for all the necessary components.
fuck you honda115
cheap and realiable....
have a shop make a custom manifold for whatever turbo(i still say older thunderbird turbo) you get, get a decent IC(the stock eclipse IC are good enough if you dont plan to boost high), a bov (eclipse 1st gen), oil lines for turbo, custom dp for turbo and ic piping for intercooler, boost gauge ( a must have), vacuum lines, check valves (go to petco or sumthing for this),some sort of fuel management unit like cartech or vortech, a high flow fuel pump.....then this should set u off.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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