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How to burn VCD for my VCD player?

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What kind of VCD format can I play in my VCD player?

I already have my "Realone player"come with CD/VCD burn
and "Nero burning sytem"

My VCD palyer can't play movies I burned from the internet?why?

I tried AVI and MPEG file ..............and they didn't work...................

what program of software can i use to burn VCD for my VCD player?

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Some can play straight burned mpegs , avi needs a special codec probably wont be seeing too avi players anytime soon....

You need to use like nero , it comes with nero express i think as well and that makes an easy setup and makes it play on vcd players....some it might not but usually its just your player that is picky...

I have a daewoo dvd player and itll play just about anything....
hmmm well the website i was gunna direct u to was down......

in audio-extracting step 1., don't do the stuff with checking the fps.

in step 2. for TMPGenc, don't bother with the video source fps dealios, just always use VideoCD (NTSC).mcf

in step 3. for TMPGenc, the source range instructions are a little iffy, click once the little square to the left of "Source range", so that it is checked. then double click the text "Source range".

pay no attention to the "Burning" instructions after the TMPGenc steps.

to burn the VCDs, open Nero, then go to "Help", unselect 'Use the Nero wizard", close Nero, then open Nero again. when the new, different wizard comes up, scroll down the left side and click once on "Video-CD", and make sure "NTSC" has the little dot next to it, instead of PAL. click new. browse to find the two .mpg VCD files that were encoded by TMPGenc. drag over one of the files to the left side window in Nero, a little window will come and a progress with blue as it "checks the file". then when that's done, go to File, Write CD, then select the burn speed and click the option to finalize the cd. after it's done burning, it's ready to be played in the DVD player.
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thanks everyone :)

i will try it again when i have time...................thanks
Try these websites also


They have a program called MPEG2VCD, and AVI2VCD . They may have others also.

Most programs have a 3 step process to get it to work properly. I ripped a Divx_avi movie to a VCD cd and it took me 4 hours to do a Hour and a half movie :(
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