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Keeping your new Honda clean will help protect your investment, and it's easy to do with frequent car washing at home.

We created Car Wash with a careful balance of powerful cleaning and exacting care. You can wash your car thoroughly while protecting your wax. It's not just about bubbles— various dishwashing liquids and "soaps" can harm your wax. Our Car Wash is strong enough to wash away dirt, road film, bugs, bird droppings, airborne pollutants and other grime, without removing wax or dulling the paint. Mothers® Car Wash is pH balanced, super-sudsy and also resists water spotting.

One of the easiest things a car owner can do to protect his or her investment, is a weekly car wash at home using high quality products.

Here, I'll be using Mothers® California Gold® Car Wash — now keep the dish soap in the kitchen, it will remove your wax.

You're also going to need a bucket, a wash mitt and some soft microfiber or terry cloth drying towels.

It's always a good idea to use a spray nozzle to conserve water. Try not to wash the car in the hot sun. Wash the wheels and tires first using a quality wheel and tire cleaner.

With a clean bucket of suds and the wash mitt ready, give the car a quick spray from top to bottom to loosen light soil.

Then with the wash mitt dipped into the suds, start washing from the top of the vehicle down, because the lower portions of the car are usually the dirtiest.

Don't let any water dry on the surface as you wash—spray surplus water onto the vehicle after you attend to every couple of body panels to avoid water spotting.

Once complete, rinse the entire vehicle again to ensure that all soap has been removed.

Dry the vehicle as soon as you finish washing it, and be sure to use soft microfiber or cotton towels to avoid scratching.

When drying, start with the glass, because a dry towel works best there.

When the exterior is complete, open the doors and the trunk, and wipe the jambs and crevices clean and dry.

Mothers® is known worldwide for its premium-grade polishes, waxes and cleaners and offers a broad array of finish care products under its California Gold®, FX, Reflections®, PowerBall®, Marine and Professional lines. Go to for information on all of these products, along with a host of car care tips in the online Mothers® Detail Guide at and the Wax Forum at

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