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Hi All,
I am trying to get parts for a 2000 Honda Accord 2.3L LX for an Argentinian friend. Unfortunately the VIN number parts look-up software in the US only works for cars sold in the US. The parts cost ~3x in Argentina.

He needs an knock sensor, an oxygen sensor, and a radius rod. The knock sensor and the radius rod appear to be unique for that year and model.

However, there are two oxygen sensors listed: 6531-PAA-305 (replaces 36531-PAA-A01) OR 36532-PAA-L02 (replaces 36532-PAA-L01). How can I work out which is the correct one?
His VIN is: 1HGCG5550XA502504

I also found a huge variety of much cheaper non-OEM O sensors that were meant to work with that model, but they varied between 3 and 4 wire and pre and post converter?

Thanks for any help,

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