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How to ID my head as an 'R'

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Hey guys, just got my '97 Type R head off the parts trader, but I need to know what casting stamps set it apart from a B16. I'm pretty sure its the PR3-4. My GS-R head has P72, which obiously classifies it as OBD-II, wihch the ITR head is as well. I'm sure the majority of you don't have the '97 models, becuase they're kinda rare. I would check, but they're revamping the site. Thanks for your help.
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Welcome back Acurabro!

The only thing I know is PR3 stamps, but check out Honda - tech . com for more detailed info. Ask in the R forum there.

Thanks man, I didn't think anyone would recognize me with these goofy glasses w/ the nose and mustache attached. Or maybe becuase it's been a long time. But either way! BTW, you know much abou the difference between the R and other DOHC rockerarms, like my GS-R ones? The head is bare. I got some SiR II cams w/ it (anyone interested? eh?? eh??) But I've heard that the R rocker arms are locking something something and different and better than the GS-R ones. But let's get down to it. Should I really spend the $162 per arm??? Or just be a cheap-ass and use the GS-R ones? I can ask the R forum on Honda Tech as well.
Some of the guys there would know the answer better to that (Mike K, sgt), but I'd say f--k it and use the GS-R rockers. I don't thinkk there is any advantage at all to going to the R ones other than to say you have them in there .....
Yeah, and the major DISadvantage is they're $162 a pop. I'm just lucky the head is a '97 So it matches all my OBD-II garbage, especially the distributor.
im quite sure the Type R heads have PR3 stamped on em. try , it still should work
the cams . check the cams .
haha, yeah

I would, but this head is bare. Just the aluminum piece, no valvetrain, distributor, or anything like that. I checked my friend's '01 Type R tonight, his stamp is PR3-4, mine is PR3-1, but my head is a '97. I'm still pretty sure it is a type R head, becuase down by the valves, the casting feel is removed and there's a slight port to the head.
If the head is bone stock and has smoothed out ports(P&P), You most likely have a genuine Type R head.
look by where the dist bolts to. it will have some green painted on it. if its not there its not a ITR head. mine says PR3-4 but its a 00 or 01 head.
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