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It's pretty simple really....

1) Detach the master cylinder pushrod from the clutch can do this by going inside the car and look by the clutch pedal, you should notice a pin holding it together with a cotter pin. You'll see what I'm talking about when you look at it.

2) Now that the pushrod isnt attached to the pedal, remove the two nuts from the clutch pedal bracket...this will detach the MC from the entire pedal assembly.

3) Use a FLARE wrench to undo the piping from the MC. Some excess fluid will probably come out, so make sure you have some towels handy (I stress flare because using a regular style wrech could strip the fitting...but it's your call, if you don't mind the possibility then use a regular wrench) . Then unclamp the hose running from the reservoir to the MC (assuming that the kit you bought didn't come with a reservoir). Once the MC itself is free you can just remove it.

4) Assembly is the reverse

5) Once everything is hooked back up you must bleed the system, this can be accomplished by having a friend step on the clutch pedal, while you loosen the bleeder valve on the slave cylinder (located at the front of the car on the'll notice that it's a small cylinderical body that is held to the transmission by two bolts). Tighten the valve and have the person remove their foot from the pedal. Here are a couple things to keep in mind while bleeding the system
-Always make sure you supply the system with enough brake fluid...otherwise you're only introducing air to the system and you're defeating the purpuse. You can take a can of brake fluid and add it to the reservoir whenever you notice that the fluid in the reservoir is low).
-Make sure the person stepping on the clutch pedal doesn't remove his or her foot while you have the bleeder valve open...this will only introduce air into the system.

6) Once you feel confident that the system is fully bled and the master cylinder is lubricated, add brake fluid if neccessary and you are all done.
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