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I didn't write out a detailed description of how to install it, instead I made a video of it. Its only two minutes long. If you would like to see it please email me at [email protected] and i'll send you the path to my FTP site and you can dl it. Its not 100% detailed but you get the idea. I have two versions of the video, one is a mpeg movie (big but good) and one is a windows movie file (small but blotchy). This is for educational and instructional purposes only, neither SHO nor myself can be held liable for any damage caused to self or vehicle when attempting installation. I repeat, this is instructional only, perform install at your own risk.

Notes: I used the following tools

Air Compressor
Air Gun
2 jack stands
1 heavy duty floor jack
Ratchet with socket, forgot what size
Torque Wrench, bolts need to be tightened to 43LB/FT torque (this applies to RSX).
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