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how to make a successful ls/vtec or b20/vtec

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people say a ls/vtec or a b20/vtec only last long if it was built right, well what do people mean by that? because i always see people say that, but can they define what they mean by that. do they mean the person that's doing it has to know his shiet? how bout the person does know his shiet because a person that owns a shop should always know what they are doing when it come to swaps or whatever. or is it because some people go cheap on building a sway like that? i just want to know what do you need to build a successful ls/vtec or a b20/vtec. like what part should be replaces etc.... because im planning on building a b20/vtec with je 11:1 piston, so i want to know what i can do to make it a successful swap.
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when building a any motor..u wanna take ur time. some people just slap shiet together and throw it in the car. make sure u take the time to by the right parts. like proper oil lines for example. i've seen people use rubber hoses before, and that was too horrible to look at. people recommend using a vtec water pump and oil pump. i havent changed mine yet and ive had no problems. go to should pretty much tell u everythin gu need to know
hey dude........ u need to get it done professionally first off
next, dont get cheap stuff, if u are going to do it, u have to go the hard and expensive way.... otherwise, your shit will break..... u hear the saying... u get what you pay for, same rule apply here....... b20/vtec is off the charts, but also very expensive for the block..... i have an ls/vtec which i actually just broke in and ill just share what i have learned so far....

i have a gsr head
ls bottom
je 11:9:8 pistons highest u can run on pump gas
eagle rods
skunk2 ecu...... 5400 vtec Xover and 9500 rev limit (never go above 8200 unless u have a complete valvetrain upgrade) computers are a must in this game
dc sports 4-2-1 headers gives some torque
skunk2 intake manifold... wonderful
test pipe, if u can get rid of that cat go for it..... sounds good and a lil more power
remember to get all new bearings
aem cold air intake
tenzo exhaust
GSR tranny........ 3rd and 4th gears are craZy
i have a stock head, but build the bottom end first...... its really important
get all new belts, new water pump, i have stock oil pump
upgrade your fuel...... new fuel pump and bigger fuel injectors such as 310cc
im pushin like 175 to the wheels
hope everything works out for ya...... let me know
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if u want a real nice crvtec, go to and order their crvtec package. its absolutely nuts and the entire motor is completely rebuilt.
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