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How to race with an AUTO.???

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I have been to the track ad go my 1/8 mile time cuz jacsonville doesn't have a 1/4 that I now of but I ran a 11.62 was my best.Can anyone please give some tipps thanx.
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powerbrake... hold the brake all the way down and give it as much gas as you can with out rolling forward... practice this before you go so you can see what rpm you can get up to before it either stops revving higher or your car starts rolling.. when the light turns green let off the gas and floor it
This will not fuck up anything will it??I know auto is really not good to race that's why i am goin more for show than racing but i still want to look good and whoop some ass at the same time.I was thinking of getting a tranny swap a 5 speed but i heard that it will not work all that great cuz the car was meant to be auto. not 5 speed.
What year is your accord?

My brother has a 95 LX (5 speed) with a cat-back ran low 10's on a 1/8th.

He shifts hella fast!! Would that make up the 1.5 second difference :confused: ..I don't think the cat-back would do much for the time
97 Lx,auto's are so fucking slow,I wish I had got a 5 speed when I got the car,but shit happens,I wasn't into racing back then. All i have is a intake,muffler for performance.I am going to get duals with headers and 3 inch piping with a racing cat,that should probably give me some good hp.
stage and then throwit in nuetral and rev it to 4-5k and throw it in drive when the 3rd yellow light lights up:eek:
Stay with your auto buddy. And my advice DO NOT get a 3" pipe and duals thats flowing too much exhaust. If you really want to go fast on a budget then swap a H23 motor and use your existing tranny. Shoot 50 shots of nos and you should be in the 14's in the quarter if you have some mods (IE: I/H/E). Ive seen it done before and he was running 13's with a few other mods and 80 shots. Oh yeah dont neutral drop it either.
SohcVtecTurboHB said:
stage and then throwit in nuetral and rev it to 4-5k and throw it in drive when the 3rd yellow light lights up:eek:
ooooooooo ouch!! *looks away*

automatic transmission is not designed for drag racing. A special automatic transmission (slider type) is the best for drag racing, but only good for high powered rwd vehicles.
floor it
Power break. I dont think this causes much harm just dont rev it high.
Don't rev to high if you power brake... and dont rev from neutral and shift to D. Those two things will kill your tranny. My neighbor has gone through 3 different trannies, and he still does it. his parents just buy it for his car when it messes up. My advice is power brake but at the most 2000 mayb 2500. If that's not enough for you.. you should have gotten a 5spd, and be happy you have a car.
How bout 2 1/2 inch piping with duals is that still to much flow??
With a stock F22 motor I still wouldnt recommend 2 1/2 but rather 2 1/4 piping. Having duals with not much exhaust flow will be a option up to you. But ill tell you this now Ive heard duals on a stock motor and it sounds like crap. But if you like its all up to you.
If you are producing up to 200 hp a 2.25" piping will still get you great flow with enough back pressure. If you get to big of a diameter then you will use alot of bottom end. My friend has 2.5 on his 92 Civic HB and he has no bottom end at all. Now he's only pushing out maybe 130hp but there is nothing until about 3500 rpm. BTW NOS work good in automatics! Just some food for thought.:)
I have noticed with autos that you have to "let off the gas"
to get them to shift. I was in an old Acura Legend and
I wanted to push it to 7000rpm. (new JDM V6)
But instead it shifted at like 6500. While in my parents
accord (96) you can push the needle to 8000no prob.
but you have to let off the gas for it to shift. Could
someone explain this to me?

Thanks Blaze :confused:
automatic troubles

get a converter and a shift kit. mine shaved 6 tenths, i love it. can hang with any standered with the same shit
automatic troubles

my advice is to change your tranny fluid and don't dog your mommies car blaze
personally i just hold the brake pedal and the gas. it revs between 2500-3000 rpms den wen the light turns green or the flagger sez go let go on the brake on your gone. my best time at the tracks was a 16.5 I/E on bald tires.

BTW: hey 'wicked92hatch what kind, where did you get your shift kit and converter for, and how much?
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