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Hey all, going to start this up again since my old thread was lost in the old board. I encourage all to post up any how to or tech info and I will place good information in the new FAQS.

I have been receiving several emails about this, so here it goes.

Type SH shiftboot
This works for all 5th G Ludes and will work on almost any car will little modifications. I do reccommend the Type SH boot however, since it is cheaper then the base model boot and the chrome trim ring is round instead of square.
Honda part # 83414-S30-961-ZA. You can get it from any online Honda shop or from your local dealer for about 30 bucks.

1. Unscrew the shift knob. All you SS guys, the knob simply unscrews. Manuals must unclip the oem knob before removal.

2. Remove the seats from the car. (Although this step is not absolutely neccesary, it helps a whole lot when you have to remove the center console)

3. Remove all the screws in the center console. With the seats removed, they are all visable except the front 2 and the rear 2. You will find the front screws behind the carpet patch in the very front of the console. The carpet patch snaps on and off. The rear 2 are behind a plastic cover in the rear of the console. It snaps off as well.

4. With all the screws out, remove the console. You will have to lift the e-brake to remove the console.

5. Now you SS guys must remove the oem P R D D3 D2 D1 cover. Remember to unclip the light bulb and remove the bulb from the holder. The cover is just snapped into place.

6. Turn the console upside down. You will see where the new shiftboot screws into place. Install the SH boot using the screws provided on the console already.

7. Reinstall everything in reverse order.

8. Admire your hard work!

Aluminum trim rings.

1. Remove the gauge cluster. Make sure to unplug the harnesses behind the cluster.

2. Open the cluster. It snaps in.

3. Remove the black trim that surrounds your face gauges.

4. Look at the rear of the trim piece and you will see small dots holding the trim rings in. Use a small scribe to punch out the dots until the rings fall out. (BE CAREFUL, GAUGE CLUSTERS ARE EXPENSIVE!)

5. Lightly primer the rings and spray several LIGHT coats of a high grade of all purpose paint. (I painted mine silver, but they can be whatever color you want)

6. Finish with a few coats of clear for that really glossy look and dry for 12 hours.

7. Reinstall everything in reverse order. The rings might need a SMALL spec of superglue to be held back in place.

PS.... Now is the time to install your indiglos! :D

Painted speaker grills. (real easy!)

1. Unclip the grills.

2. Remove the cloth cover.

3. Lightly primer, paint and clearcoat them.

4. Dry and reinstall.

Not too many people notice this right away, but it sure graps your attention when you are on the road.

Post up or PM me with any questions.

Remember, I am not responsible for any damage to your vehicle because you are a dumbass and/or any other reason.

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That's not a bad price. I wish I could just swap out the fog light assembly and use the oem wiring...... :( I might sell my USDM foggies and take you up on that. Thanks!

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shoot if anyone wants my base model shift boot i would sell it to them, its in mint condition and i will not be able to use it nore the knob since ive gotten the ITR boot and knob. if anyone wants to buy it from me let me know. email me
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