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How to take 92-95 Civic Cluster out?

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Does any body know where can I find the instructions for taking 92-95 Civic Cluster out?
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A Hayes manual will tell you... although not very well. You have to take off the black trim first. To do this, pry out and disconnect your clock and hazard lights. Next, undo the screws on top of the trim by the guage cluster. Then, pry the black trim off with a screwdriver. Use another screw driver to push on the little black clips holding the trim on. Be careful! I broke my last trim doing this and had to get a new one from a junkyard. When the trim is off, you can just unscrew the guage cluster and disconnect it from its wiring harness. Just take your time, be careful, and don't force anything too much.
do this when the inside of your cars warm so the plastic is not brittle...
are all 92-95 clusters interchangable?

I have a DX without a tach (who knows why they did this) if i were to find a Si cluster , would it just snap right in? same wiring harness?

all 92-95 clusters are interchangable. I have a dx and put in a ex/si cluster. They fit perfectly.
also all of the wires fit perfectly. Just buy the si/ex cluster and thats all you need.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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