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G2Integrity said:
Uhhm, as far as whp goes I think the LS is about 120, the GSR about 145, and the Type R about 160. I think torque is similar for all of them...somewhere in the 110 vicinity.
That sounds about right, but the LS varies dramatically from low 110-120, just my ¢.02, not trying to start anything

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ITR's are rated at 195 to the crank stock.

Most R's Dyno at around 162 to 165 HP to the wheels and about 120 or so PF of TQ.

I just dynoed mine last week and it showed 171HP to the wheels and 124 TQ consistantly.

Roughly when figuring this out you will lose about 20 to 30% from the crank to the wheels depending on the car and what mods it has.

Good luck,

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