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HPI BOdy Kit?? anyone Familiar wiht?

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Watz anyone Familiar with the HPI Body Kit for the S2k??
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lol.......:laughy: and HPI is an R/C car company
Ohhhh Nahhh Nahhh...daym yea i just found out this like a couple dayz ago....Feel Stupid...Whoa..yea...Let mE tell you a little story...see like a couple of years ago i was lookin at the super street issue of april 2000...and i had a glimpse of a four wheel drive S2000 and had a fine a$$ body kit... and i rememebered they said something bout HPI...Yea i jUSt found out 2 years after that Joke..I was like huh R-C...but it looked..real like a car..had a up close picture of it...well i just found out that it was a APRIL FOOLz holiday joke...yea well Sh#t it got me fool for a long time huh...
haha, the first picture looked real... Very nice:)
do anyone have one? i got two. pro 3 and a super nitro
body: 98 accord, is300, wrx, hatchback
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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