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Hey guys!

The great people over at Hushpower sent us a muffler to try out on a 7th Generation Civic. Member of one of our sister sites "needlestick" (from was given the opportunity to test it out on his car. Here is the result of the install,some pics, a video and his feedback on the muffler itself:

Hushpower Muffler on a 2005 Civic

needlestick said:
Got a chance to test out this muffler on a 2005 civic. Must say I'm very impressed with this muffler. It looks almost as if it came stock with the car, not too big like other cherry bomb mufflers. The muffler itself is not as visible once installed on the car. The only visible "tell" of this aftermarket muffler is the flowmaster muffler tip. Sound wise, its not excessivle loud. The installation was easy and simple. The muffler gives a deep rumbling sound that isnt at all very loud. Sound is great for those "mild" tuners. The flowmaster muffler tip also looks stock and easily installed.

I would recommend this muffler to any one looking to switch their stock muffler to an aftermarket muffler who does not want any excessively loud mufflers.
Please go to the HUSHPOWER website to see more information on the product and find a fitment for your car. Once again we would like to thank the people over at Hushpower for giving us the opportunity to test out some new product!



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