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I 'helped' (more like looked from the curb) my friend install a JDM F22B (JDM Prelude engine) into a '96 JDM Civic.

He managed to get everything in there (engine is same size as H22) so power steering and airco-compressor are in and working. (even got a turbo :tu2: in there!!!)

The problem we have now is that the engine idles too low when air conditiong is turned on.
All Prelude components and wiring were used, but the airconditioning is ofcourse half Prelude (compressor/tubes condensor) and half Civic (controls, evaporator).

For now he just pulls a vacuum to artificially increase idle when driving with the airco on, but thats a pain cause it hurts performance, and attaching/detaching vacuum line doesnt really makes you look cool!:D

We cant find the 'trigger' that increases idle when airco is engaged.

Do any of you guys know where to look (wire/switch) to get proper idle reaction when turning airco on?
Or even other first aids except pulling vacum lines?

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