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Hybrid transmission?

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Okay here is my situation. I have a '93 Civic Hatch with a LS/VTEC swap installed. Last month leaving work one day the LS transmission decided to grenade. The case is broken and there was a differential spider gear laying under the car. Since then I have picked up a JDM GSR tranny to replace the broken LS one.
Now, since I am going to put the Turbo setup back on the car, should I hybridize the Tranny? I know a lot of people swap out the final drives and occasioally the 5th gear set too for the longer LS units. Just looking for advice, I do drag race the car and still want to have it be quick without sacrificing fuel economy.

Thanks if you help!
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Any body else have info before I put this thing in?
i've seen a write-up here, on the other SH "room" .
cpuldn't remember where it was exactly, but it's here.
Snoopy said:
throw in an lsd and you're gravy
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