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hybrid vs. gsr

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Hey whats up, I have a dilkemma and I need some help. I really really really want to get a 92-95 Civic Hatchback and drop a gsr motor into it but I can't come up with any way to get the money for the swap. If I can't do this I will most likely get a 95 integra gsr. Does anybody know how much faster the hybrid hatchback w/gsr motor would be than the integra gsr. Like 1/4 times?
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im not sure if this is exactly true but i read that for every 100 pounds you drop you can run up to .1 seconds less, a hatch weighs like 4-5 hundred less then a gsr, so id assume(this is a guess) about half a second better, my friends gsr ran a 14.9 with just an intake so maybe 14.4(?) thats my theory
the weight diff is more like 200-300 pounds depending on the model of civci hatch.
and i would think that a 92 or 93 civic hatch witha swap would still be cheaper than a 95 integra...
v4lu3s said:
the weight diff is more like 200-300 pounds depending on the model of civci hatch.
and i would think that a 92 or 93 civic hatch witha swap would still be cheaper than a 95 integra...

95GSR 2667
92DX 2178 lbs

thats 489 pounds difference, w/o drivers, i used the dx as an example cause its what i have, the SI has like 150 pounds on it though
what to do

Ok people I need some other input. What would you do in my situation. i really want a hybrid hatchback but can't afford to get 4-5k together for the gsr engine swap. I really like the 92-95 civic hatchbacks, theyre like my favorite car out of ne thing. Some people might think that is crazy but its true. But I don't like the drivetrains because I need more power. My second choice is a gsr because it's almost like a civic but better in a lot of ways. But I'd rather have the hatch with the gsr motor. I want a sleeper, and plus it will be faster. Should I just get a gsr or should I buy a cheap hatchback and wait like two years till I can afford to buy the engine swap?? I really dont wanna wait that long but I really want it. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, what do i do?
wellls...seems that most gsr's are going to be $8000 or more...
i am willing to bet you can find a 92-95 civic hatch for enough less than that that paying for a swap wont be THAT bad....
Well it's seems as though you've answered your own question. I assume your gunna finace the rest of the I say finace the motor swap :D if you wana go that route. Personaly I never spend money I don't have or can't get pretty soon...just my 2 cents
a hybrid gsr hatch will be cheaper then a gsr, and faster, say 3300 for the hatch + 5k for the gsr swap(although it is probly mre like 4 and less if you do it yourself) thats still only 8200, a gsr will cost you that plus interest if you have to finance
Save your money and get a hatchback with the gsr engine.:D
hybrid or gsr

Ok, it seems that you guys think I should go with the hybrid also but there's one problem. I can't figure out a way to get a loan for 4-5k depending on which engine I get. I don't have any sources to get the money from. i tried the bank and they'll only approve me for 1,000. I only make 600-660 a month but I could still afford a cheap car payment and a loan payment because my car is my only expense. Do you guys have any ideas of how I can get a loan for the engine, or a quick way of making 5,000?
co signer....will your parents or another family member sign on it?
i had to do that for my first 2 that i paid those 2 off i owe so much no one wants to give me more credit lol.

and to make fast money...i cant think of anything legal...

I would do the co-signer thing but can't thin of anyone in my family who would do it.
go with the hybrid. doesnt matter if you cant get the money right away for the swap. just save up. you'll get the swap soon enought. just like someone else already said, dont spend money you dont have. like finance a gsr.

Ok I'm pretty sure I'm going to go hybrid cuz that's what I really want to do. Does ne know how fast a 92-95 hatchback would be with a del sol vtec motor in it?? Would it be in the 14s? Im thinkin b16a cuz it's a lot cheaper than b18c. But it just depends how much money I can get a hold of. My main goal is to beat mustangs with not much more than i/h/e/tb/wires/plugs/. Maybe cams later. Would this be enough to beat mustang gt's?I hate mustangs.
honda civic hatch with a b16a shold get you into high 14s...
a semi decent mustang gt driver should still be able to beat you.

maybe if you do all bolt ons and gut the car...or spray on it.
Hey Hybridfever, where are you located? I think i can find a GSR/Civic hybrid for you. Let me know.

You could find one for me in good condition?? That would be so awesome. Im in San Diego, California. Linda Vista to be exact.
I was thinking of selling mine. I am not sure yet. I live in Dallas though, so its kinda far from you.

Well, If I liked yours enough I'd make the drive, or we could meet like halfway or something. First of all, why do you want to sell it? I'd also want to see pics and know what kinda of condition it is in. And also all the modifications and specs if possible. That would awesome though, If I like it.
a eg hatch (depending on trim level...Si vs VX vs CX) should run a low 15 sec pass. No way it'll run anything lower than a 14.9 unless you're @ a superjesus track.
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