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Hyper Medallion vs. Thermal RD?

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Hey Luders,

I know exhausts systems have been beaten to death on this board but I have narrowed my choice of systems to two. What would you guys choose: The Hyper Medallion or Thermal RD? Does anyone have pics/sound clips of either?

PS - Does anyone know the actual difference between the Tanabe Hyper Med. and the G-Medallion (other than the different styles in the tip?? Why does the G medallion cost about $100 (US) more?
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this is for a 97 lude right? if it was for a 4gen i could sell you a hyper medallion for cheap. im selling mine cause im going vtec.
apexi rust resistive, most HP gains, best looks. Don't buy anything else. trust me:)

Well i have a G power tanabe on my SI and i wanted to get the same for the lude but i hear the the N1 is better.

What do you think if I buy a N1 universal muffler and then add a 3' custom pipe?
The only thing that I don't like about the N1 is the fact that it is a canister type muffler which I then assume that it is fairly LOUD. I definitely do not want the tanabe racing medalion. Does anyone have pics/sound clips of the the different systems (N1, Hyper Medalion, G-Power Medalion, Thermal RD). I heard so many good things about the Thermal RD and the best part of it is that it cost less than all the above and the complete exhaust is stainless steel (it should last forever)
i just personally dont like the looks of the thermal. i dont mind paying a little more for something that, to me, looks a little better.
i, too, was stuck between these exact two exhausts.. but am now considering the apex n1 for its gains.. but is the n1 obnoxious? i dont mind loud, i kinda like it, but i hate civic si raspy sound :(..
Does anyone know what happened to that thread which compares all different types of exhausts systems for the 4th /5th gen preludes? I am ready to buy a new exhaust system but I can't seem to make my decision. it would be nice if I could see the different styles on the lude.
i think when i do my swap im going to get a greddy PE...anyone have anything to say about that one?

im going to have cams and all the bolt ons so i need some good flowage :p
I've heard nothing but good on the N1. The thermal r&d just doesn't look very cool, but is a very nice exhaust for the money. Greddy EVO is also nice and not too loud, very nice deep mellow tone. I'm sticking with my 3" custom exhaust and going to get a N1 muffler for it instead of my Dtm Rain Catcher!!
apexi N-1's are OBNOXIOUS as hell! i cant stand loud exhausts like that. i dont care if i get an extra horsepower or two out of an exhaust like that, to me its not worth it.
The N1 does lose some low end punch though...high end is great.
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