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Welcome to the Hypertech Forum!

Hypertech was started in 1985, in Memphis TN. We are currently located in Bartlett, TN, a suburb of Memphis. We are an engineering based company, with a staff of more than 15 engineers and technicians, with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. Performance tuning for computer-controlled vehicles is our only discipline. We are a company full of automotive enthusiasts, with backgrounds and interests in a wide variety of vehicles and all forms of motorsports.

Our team of engineers and technicians use two Superflow computerized chassis dynamometers to develop all of our products. We also have a Dynojet two wheel chassis dyno for additional testing and evaluation. Much of the equipment we use is designed and built by Hypertech engineers in house.

In 1985, Hypertech created the original Power Chip to recalibrate the computers on the first electronically controlled engines to improve performance. As interest in Power Tuning grew and the variety of OEM systems increased, Hypertech developed innovative products to compliment the increasingly complex onboard computer systems. Our engineers designed special carriers and mounts that allowed Hypertech Power Tuning programs to interface with the computers in a wide variety of vehicles. These included Power Modules for Ford cars and trucks, and Power Tuning Modules for GM products.

In 1994, GM introduced the next step in the evolution of onboard computers. This new generation of Electronic Control Units (ECU) eliminated calibration chips. Engine tuning information was now stored in the unit's programmable memory. Hypertech created the first stand alone device to access this "flash" memory, and download the tuning directly into the ECU, called the Power Programmer. All of the other OE manufacturers subsequently introduced ECU's with similar capabilities.

Our current product, the Max Energy programmer, is the next generation of Power Programmers. The Max Energy & Econ programmers cover a wide variety of GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Nissan cars, trucks, and SUV's from 1996 to current year models.

The new Max Energy Sport programmer, introduced in November of 2009, covers a wide variety of import vehicles, including Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Subaru, and Mitsubishi.

At Hypertech, our goal is to improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, without increasing vehicle emissions and compromising the OE warranty. Our tuning is developed on stock vehicles, and tested thoroughly to ensure that the performance gains and adjustable features are within the mechanical limitations of the engine and drivetrain, as designed by the OE manufacturer.

Hypertech includes meeting all EPA and CARB requirements in its product development process. This guarantees that users of Hypertech Power Tuning products will meet certification requirements when registering, selling, or needing to pass various emissions tests or Inspection and Maintenance programs administered by state or local enforcement agencies.

For Honda enthusiasts, we offer our Max Energy Sport programmer for the following vehicles:
2006-2009 HONDA S2000 2.2L
2006-2009 CIVIC Si 2.0l
2006-2009 CIVIC DX/EX/LX 1.8l
2003-2007 ACCORD 2.4L
2003-2007 ACCORD 3.0l (Coming Soon!)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post on this Forum, or contact us directly. Thanks!
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