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ok.. here is what i did
my alarm has a remote starter.......
these are the wires that the alarm has
it actually has two parts
wire to speaker (alarm)
two wires for turn lights
wire for negative
wire for positive
wire for trunk
then there are 6 wires for doors
remote starter:
wire to tachnometer
wire to parking brake
wire to something like "kill switch"?
wire to three relays which has 5 wires which are going into: 12V, ACC, 2 wires to ON, STR

1. on the instructions it asks me to tap those 2 wires ON onto one ON wire.. but in my civic 93 EX, it has two ignition wires, should i tap both separetaly? or just tap both of them in one ignition wire?
2. for that wire to "kill switch", i am not sure what wire this is, coz it's in chinese, but i dunno how to translate it in english... but it's something like "electrical cut" then connects to the ignition coil... can somebody help me out with this?
3. here is what i did, i did hook up those ACC, ON, STR, 12V, parking brake, it didn't work... which sucks... i think the problem was that i didn't hook up the technometer wire.... is this right?
4. My alarm did work, but!!! because the alarm has the function of automatically alarm after 25 seconds, but even my car has started, it still keeps running, is that the problem of that "electrical kill" wire??
5. I have no idea why my turbo timer doens't work now... it's the same wiring like before, but it doesn't work... how come?? somebody help please !!!

i know i sound like i dunno nothing, but i do, i just dunno how to express it myself !!

thanks alot guys !!

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u need to hook up thje ignition 1 wire to the first ignition and ignition 2 wire to the second ignition wire
as for the tach u always hok up the tach wire NEVER do tachless
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