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well here is what happened:
I left my girlfriends place to head back to work, (in a different city about 45 mins away) so i was driving back on the freeway, and a conv GTstang pulls ahead of me, didn't look like it had any mods, so i figure, what the hay... he took off while going about 85, so i chased him. he started pulling off on me about 100mph, but then i started catching up in my RSX-S with only 2 cheap mods, removal of air box with a cheap focus cone filter + greddy evo exhaust system. i matched up side by side with the stang about 135mph, still flooring it heading up to 140, then 143 then 145, at 145 i was about a good 1whole car ahead of him. at this moment, i figure yea i smoked him, mite as well see what my topspeed was. still flooring it on 6 gear i reach 151mph before i got scared cuz a slight turn was coming up. i swear i was going shit in my pants, well anyways the stang was still trying i guess, was now about 2.5-3 car length behind me, after i slowed down ,he passed me up hella quick. but i bet he was prolly at 140 or so when i slowed to 100. we both matched up side by side and gave each other a thumbs up and then i exited. I woulda thought that the stang would take me.... i'm guessing it was a auto, thats my only conclusion. well i guess thats it, just wanted to share to you guys that out RSX aren't to shabby and btw [email protected] in 6 gear, if i can do it, you guys can especially with 35,000 miles on my car.
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