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Hey guys... my friend recently blew his b18c block on boost. The head is still in great shape and I can get it off him for about 2 bills complete cause he is selling his car. I just installed a b18b/ gsr tranny in my car about a week ago. First track run was 14.7 @ 94 mph.

Would installing this head and keeping the redline at 8k be safe on my stock bottom end. Ive done the research and it all states that I need a bare minimum of ARP rod bolts to run it. Ive seen a couple of people's sigs on here running stock b18b bottom ends with b16a heads.

Im just looking to gain like 20 or so whp of this mod. My current setup runs strong. And I dont have the money to rebuild or build this one as of yet. So if its not going to be reliable at all... I wont do it... please chime in here guys with stock bottom ends.. I would really like some positive feedback if at all possible....

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