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i found a 93 si for $3000!!!!

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i just wanted to say that i am really frustrated i cant sell my car, because i was driving through town today, and i was in sort of a crappy area of town, and i look over and low and behold a EG hatch for $2995. so i flipped a bitch to take a look and it turns out that its an si with about 134k miles, a tire that is low on air, and an interior that is dirty as hell. but it says it runs like new, which wouldnt matter, cause im going to do a swap as soon as i buy the car, anyway. i think its been there forever, so i need to sell my car fast! this is the lowest price ive seen on an si. what do you guys thinK? the lowest price ive ever seen, even on a 92 is like $4000 and thats with high miles. and im sure i could talk them down on the price, too, because ive NEVER seen this place and its all run down and dirty and i dont think they ever sell cars there. oh, and am i asking too much for my car? its in my sig. and i want $10,000 for it. it has different wheels on it now, american racing 14's, but thats it. i may be asking too much for it, but i need some opinions. thanks.
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what happened to your focals? will you sell me your si grille? what about your front underbody spoiler? i can't afford to buy a whole car, but i would love these items if it's possible... where are you located? get a hold of me!
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i bought a 95 Si for $4500 (with 104000mi.), then put 700 more into making sure it'll run for another 100k miles.... just make sure you're prepared to pay for all the repairs (and swap if you do it) that the car will require.
well, thanks for the advice, but i dont think i have to worry about that stuff anymore, considering that the car is sold already. :mad: now im even more frustrated. oh well. ill find something someday.
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