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primetimelude said:
hey everyone, i know this is off-topic but i need an answer badly..i need to prove to someone that a 00 celica gt-s is capable of hittin 14.9 stock no bolt-ons or anything...i checked an and one had it running a 16.0 and the other had it at 15.3 i know the car i quicker then those times...does anyone know of any websies showing a celice gt-s running uner a 15.0 or does anyone have any time slips! please help!
the problem is, a gt-s with a normal every day driver probably couldnt hit 14's in stock form :) just like the rsx-s :) its more like low-flat 15's:) ive seen a stock gt-s run a 15 flat before so 14's is very much possible, but as for time slip , itll be hard to get :) check out the celica forum :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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