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I heard that turbo kills

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i heard that the implementation on a turbo kit on a non-turbo ride will kill the life expantion of your engine is that true. i mean i either want to turbo charge or supercharge so what's better.
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with adding a turbo or supercharger onto your car will decrease the life of the engne. but if you take care of it, it will still last a LONG time. just keep things up to par and you'll be fine.
Any type of Forced Induction will wear out the motor, from NOS to SC to turbo... It all really depends on how often you drive and the psi of SC and Turbo or shot of nos you use..
it's about the "tuning" condition. in my opinion, it is a misconception. turbo is not always "ON" and so as the JRSC which utilizes a bypass valve. another factor is the driving habits of a person. a normal stock engine will end up the same, as in "blown up motor". my 2 cents.....
who cares......just take care of your car and it will be cool for a long time.
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