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whats up all..I crashed my car and totaled it..I just got it 3 weeks ago..I waited so long to get my 96hb I have a 92 but I like the 96-00 body style a lot...well this is what happen. I was on two line street...just cruzin and ahead of me are to cars..we had da green light right..And out of nowhere a (EMS) vehicle runs da red light but wit its emergency lights but no siren...I'm da third car back..da first car stoped and merged to da left to avoid a crash..the car ahead of me merged to da right..Now da only way I could avoid from hitting anyone was to hit da wall or go into on going traffic..Now I have my lil girl and my girlfriend in da car to think about. In this 2.5 seconds...So I choose to brake hard and turn da try to avoid a injury crash..I did that but my car hit a jeep classic u know da ones that look like they never change . they always look like box..And da jeep sat higher than my front bumper. so instead of it hitting my bumper it hit da hood.Whats messed up is da hood stayed latched. So it push my radiator and everything up front. Caused a lot of frame damage, dented my headers, fenders, and moved da motor mounts..Da only time I was mad. Was while I was sliding towards da jeep cause I knew I was going to hit it..I was banging my steering wheel so hard..I was surprised I didn't punch da airbag out..I was just glad my love ones wasn't hurt. I can get another car..da only thing I had done to it was taillight,M3 mirrors, and cleared da headlights. Was getting rims next week but O well..I guess that money goes towards da next car..I guess I can change my sig..thanks for reading my story..Drive safe..And watch out for dumb ass drivers also..and Yea that dame EMS caused this whole thang.
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