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I need a left side door for a 87 CRX AS!

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I "dented" my drivers side door and there doesn't seem be one in stock in entire Europe! The only options left are Japan or the U.S.

So if any of u know of a place where I can get myself a new or used door please let me know! It will have to be shipped to Norway!

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If the door isn't to bad, look around on eBay, sometimes people sell mad shit for old school rex's.

if it is hella bad.. I have one. The only problem is that it was in a crash and there is a small dent under the mirror. it was fixed by a body shop. The door will have to be sanded and primed and painted to match. I will give you the door for cheep if you want it.. let me know at [email protected]
does it have the windshield and mirror intact? what color is it?
any rust?
No rust that I can see anywhere on the door (underside looks great) The door was originally black but it is now white. (meaning the inside is black, the outside is white). The mirror is there if you want it, I can provide all the wheather stripping as well if you need it. I'm not sure of the shipping, but we can work something out.
pics of my car here:

is it the same door?
do u have a picture of it?
I don't have a pic yet, I wll get you one this weekend.

by the way!!!
I have been looking around for clear corner/signal lights for my 87 CRX, where can I get them? can you get some for me in Norway? cause we don't have then in America ( I tired getting ahold of a foreign honda dealer, but they won't work with me)

also, very nice looking car... I LOVE the first gens, old school kicks ass
i'll look around for u but i doubt i'll find anything :-(

my car was imported from germany in 94 with the kit, rims, yellow konis and most of the exaust. i added supersprint 421 headers and a k&n filter. and pedals and steering wheel. and a big phoenix gold stereo :)

the AS model has 132 hp stock so i believe it has about 145 hp now on 98 octane gas.
I've seen that body kit an a few other CRXs around the net
not much out there as far as kits for the first gens. Andy's auto used to make a nice one, but their 2002 kit sucks ass, looks like a 5.0 mustang. I'm still looking for an original Mugen front air damn, King Motorsports havn't responded to my requests yet.

I noticed also, that you have the Si style trim on the doors and fenders, but the body kit parts have the DX style trim... interesting. the door I have doesn't have the trim, so I hope that yours is still on good shape. I will get a pic for you ASAP
Hey Xanathar, what's your e-mail addy so I can e-mail you a pick???
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