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I need help in GT3..

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Somebody help me. I can't drive the freakin ALTEZZA for nothing. Can someone let me in on the secret? Please! What settings do you use? HELP me!
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Your own way

The great thing about GT3 is that here ARE NO secrets. As far as settings go, everything has to be personalized. Some people like a mild oversteer (like myself) and others would rather have understeer. And as far as driving techniques go, it is all you. There are different ways for each person to drive each track, which is why it is renowned as an incredible Simulator game. My advice is to go into Home- Run and Settings and mess with the suspension and different ways of driving until you find the right way for you. Also, other than for the Altezza Cup, I do not see much use for the Altezza. My friend gave me some great advice: Instead of buying a Civic or Integra and hooking it up, buy a car that is already fast. I had a 466 hp Integra, that had about $150,000 in it + $25,000 for the car. Following my friend's advice, I bought a Viper. It is stock faster than my Integra! Don't get me wrong, I am loyal to imports, but the fact remains that in GT3, some/most of the dominant cars are American.
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driving styles

If anything, I would say drive in 3rd person. It lets you view the entire car so you hit walls less. Also, if you are driving an 4WD car, try turning into the corner, let off the gas, so it begins to lose traction, then slam the gas. That will let the car slide on sharp corners and will help a lot. But only use it on sharp corners. And dude, yes in this game domestice are dominant. The Viper is very hard (unless you really suck) to spin out on concrete. Not the Arcade mode one. Buy one, it has helped me tons. Also read in the manual about the Skip Barber driving strategy. When turning Outside to inside to outside.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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