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i need help

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well..earlier today i was driving my slushbox..and after 2500 hesitated to shift into the next its struggling and finally it shifted and it jerked pretty hard...and then i was driving on the freeway..i was going 80mph..and i felt it jerk hard again..and this kept on happening off and on all the way what could this be...maybe the tranny..or what??..its pissing me off..any help will be appreciated...

93 civic crap...
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It sounds like your tranny is going out. :( I doubt it's any sensors or anything like that. All you can do is give it an fulid change and add some transmedic. I had a similar problem on my 92 cvic lx... it started to jurk real bad then after a while it just would not catch 3th gear. I had to buy a new one, and is working fine ever since.
your torque converter might be rooted. I have driven a few 99 civic automatics and their shift smoothness wouldnt even be accepted in a 1940's mercedes-benz. They thump big time when stopping.
i see..this a student and im if it comes down to a new tranny...i might as well buy another d16z6 motor with a 5 speed...cause i burn oil pretty bad as well...pos..lets say i decide to do much..and how complicated will this swap be...thanks...peace

93 civic crap
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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