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I need OBD sensor help

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hey guys, i took the cat out and put a test pipe in, i need to get the CEL problem fixed because i took out the o2 sensor but now i need to program my ecu for it, and i dont wanna get one of those cheap ass things i see on ebay, can anyone tell me if i should go for one or what to do?
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the only way to fixit is to re program the ecu. however. personally i would run an o2 sensor. without it the ecu cant determine how much gas it is pushing and will want to run more because it wont read the emission correctly. just a thought. they have "test pipes" on ebay all day with an o2 sensor bung. my friend has rocked on for 3 years on a boosted teg. i would rock one. especially if it saved me money on gas and got the cel out of face
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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