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I am looking to have my pics posted, but I dont feel like doing the image station thingy.....can someone help me out...I have AOL and I can send the pics to whoever wants to help me out...

Hook me up
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just think, you couldve had them posted by now
Go to Keyword: FTP
Click, Go To FTP
Then scroll down a bit and click "" Click OK
Click OK again
Click Upload and type in "civic.jpg" or whatever you want to name the pic. Click OK.
Select the picture you want to load from your hard drive and click Send.

Now, the address to the pic you've just uploaded is:

Simple stuff, 2mb of space to upload your pics.. Good luck..

Wow, that didn't seem hard. Instead of just doggin me, you simply told me how to do it. Thanks

At least some people have some maturity!!
you didnt ask HOW to do it,you said you were too lazy to do it yourself and asked someone to do it for you...
yeah, true, and instead of him being an asshole, he simply just told me how instead......plain as day....your just a DICK!
ha ha ha! yeah i guess so you lazy little bastard

no hard feelings fucknut
whatever makes you feel better. If talking shit in a forum makes you feel cool, then have a blast.
you're talking just as much shit as he is .... and having an imagestation or digitalpose thing takes like 3 min ... it takes basically just as long as it does to do the AOL thing ... so hurry the hell up and post those pics!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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