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I need Tires!!!

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I went out to my car this morning and noticed a bubble on the side wall on one of the tires. Now the problem Right now I have Michelin 195/55 15 XGT V4 on all four. To replace the one tire it will be $189. How good of a tire are they? Should I fork out that much cash for just one tire or is there a better one for less money? What should I do?? Thanks for your input!!:mad:
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i really like yokohama paradas...i have 215/40/ZR on mine and i bought em for $125.00 a tire...they usually go for more than that but i sorta got hooked up.
Well I was able to talk the guy down to $170 out the door so I will up and rolling here shortly!!:D
The price of that tire is the biggest ripoff I have ever experienced. Unfortunately, I got a$$raped on that deal TWICE. That was before I got smart and bought a new set of RE730's for about the same price as TWO of those tires.

Honda gets some special deals on these tires in bulk, then makes a ton reselling and the manufacturer makes a ton replacing worn/blown stock tires at retail price.
170 for 195/55/15??? damnnn dats the biggest rip off... i got my 225/45/18 for 100 bucks each... go to they got good prices, even better, go to the nearest discount tire store and work a deal

My budds and me ordered to sets of pirelli's 195-50 15's for 45 bucks a piece..they're just fine if u ask me and look and perform just as well. Got them from Oh. I'd had them michelins too. They were ok..but damn not for that price.
those stock michelins suck! change tires and save a grip of money. almost anything would be better than those stock tires from michelin.
Michelin makes excellent tires, but unfortunatelly they are way to pricey for me. I got my Yokohama Parada spec2s in 20545z17 for 110 each. I guess it helps to work at a the tire shop also. :)
i dont think i could pay 170 for one tire installed. . . i payed 200 for 4 bridgestone potenza RE910s 195/50R15. . . but, then again, i work there. :D
Alphajacks said:
Michelin makes excellent tires...
michelin may make some excellent tires, but the xgt v4s that come on the civic si and the integra gsr are garbage. they do nothing for the car. traction sucks and the treadwear is terrible. you'd think that you'd at least be able to get one of those qualities.
$170 for a tire? That's a rip OFF! I got all 4 of my tires (Azenis and the Kumho 712s) for a total of $250-350.
im getting 205/50-15 Kumho Ecsta Supra 712's for $280 installed and balanced... maybe even cheaper if i trade in my stock Michelins.. i read nothing but good things about these for the price.. you should look into them..
I got some kinda of KUMHO ECSTA's but dunno what kind, but they were $40 for 4 10 bux for mounting could buy one of those tires at for 135
I got 4 Federal ss535's for $300 mounted and balanced.
Could you guys post a picture of teh Kumhos on the stock rims? Thanks!
i've got the Yoko Parada Spec-2's and they are GREAT should look into them
Well I called my shop back and decided to go with the Kuhmo Ecsta Supra 712's. $300 out the door for all four!!:D
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