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I need Tires!!!

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I went out to my car this morning and noticed a bubble on the side wall on one of the tires. Now the problem Right now I have Michelin 195/55 15 XGT V4 on all four. To replace the one tire it will be $189. How good of a tire are they? Should I fork out that much cash for just one tire or is there a better one for less money? What should I do?? Thanks for your input!!:mad:
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those stock michelins suck! change tires and save a grip of money. almost anything would be better than those stock tires from michelin.
Alphajacks said:
Michelin makes excellent tires...
michelin may make some excellent tires, but the xgt v4s that come on the civic si and the integra gsr are garbage. they do nothing for the car. traction sucks and the treadwear is terrible. you'd think that you'd at least be able to get one of those qualities.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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