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i own this forum...

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of course i havent been to the track yet.....damn clutch
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the 4 and 6 hold the same amount of power but the 6 is ALOT more streetable..use it...4 is race only
Rayman said:
Why do you own this forum again? [/QUO
your on a need to know basis..guess what....;)
jdm eg6 said:
hmm, go f*ck yourself =)
if i could i wouldnt need your momma
Hybrid Fever said:
Damn, that was lame, "your momma" jokes are so played out.
and that was better?:rolleyes: :cool:
unidextrous said:
why do u own the forum?? ur car isnt that special. just another lude w/ bolt ons. im not trying to clown..but ull need more than that to own this forum.
i was the first to post here thats why, and your car aint shit fooker...people on this board need to get thier head out of their asses and stop taking everything as an insult..:rolleyes:
youll hear my blow off valve then im whoah..
PseudoRealityX said:
Heh....anyone wanna try turning?;)
im game:D
danmakG60 said:
340 hp, 6 speed box, 3 puck disc, 1.9l G60 with a ported 16v head, Je pistons, eight injectors, tec 2 engine management, water to air intercooler, built 90mm G-lader, huge solid lifter cams, 8,ooo+redline and a whole lot more..........I'm estimating low 12's. Will take to track next month.
1 - 9 of 36 Posts
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